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Heart of the Capay Valley
& home of "The Town Drunk"

As the oldest bar in scenic Capay Valley with a deed dating back to the late 1860's (wood floors, old farming & hunting artifacts in the rafters, and peanut shells on the floor) there's never a lack of characters here, an interesting place indeed. We’ve gone by many names; Capay Saloon, Capay Country Club and Honkey's Country Club. Since 1982 it has been in our family's care, we call it CAPAY JUNCTION.

For over 28 years we have met and said "good bye" to many wonderful people, serving up the whiskey, suds, laughter and fun to locals and passers by. This is one of those rare places that actually has an entity of its own. ~ Stories of patrons past whooping it up, riding through the doors, isn't uncommon. Doors that don't exist anymore that is...

Come on out and see how a local pub should be, a warm place to converse and relax with good people!  

OPEN DAILY 10:00 AM till 2:00 AM

Money mouth HAPPY HOUR Money mouth

Monday-Friday 5:00-7:00pm

Domestic Beer & Well


25051 Main St. Capay, CA 95607 (530) 796-2440 or email Babs@CapayJunction.com



Complimentry Popcorn & Peanuts  

ALL Bikers Welcome!

Like our logo says                                                               

"Nut's on the Floor, Bikes at the Door" 

For thoes who like to PLAY...

CALIFORNIA LOTTERY provides the Gaming, we supply the Pool Table. Here, you can still get 4 songs for $1 on the Juke Box and pay fifty cents for a game of pool!  

For all you TOBACCO USERS; a patio out front and enclosed one in back with a warm stove for winter.

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